Which Channel is Broadcasting Paris Olympics 2024 in Algeria?

The Public Establishment of Television (EPTV) in Algeria has secured the broadcast rights to air the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. This marks the first time that EPTV will provide live coverage of the Olympics across Algeria.

EPTV Will Stream and Broadcast Paris Olympics 2024 in Algeria

Brief Background on EPTV

Formerly known as the National Establishment of Television (ENTV) from 1986-1991, EPTV is Algeria’s national public television broadcaster. Founded in 1956 under the name RTF Télévision Alger, it adopted the ENTV name in 1986 before transitioning to EPTV in 1991.

EPTV is owned by the Algerian government and serves as the country’s premier TV network. It operates 9 different TV channels and provides programming on news, sports, films, and more.

How Algerians Can Watch the 2024 Olympics Live Online?

Algerians will be able to watch the 2024 Olympics across EPTV’s various TV channels and online platforms. Live streaming will be available on EPTV’s website along with on-demand replays of events.

With Algeria separated from France by just the Mediterranean Sea, viewers can expect minimal latency or delays for the live Olympic coverage. High-speed satellite and fiber optic connections between the countries will enable real-time broadcasting.

FormerlyNational Establishment of Television (ENTV, 1986–1991)
Company TypeÉtablissement public à caractère industriel et commercial (EPIC)
PredecessorAlgerian Radio and Television Broadcasting (RTA, 1962–1986)
FoundedDecember 24, 1956 (as RTF Télévision Alger), October 28, 1962 (as RTA), July 1, 1986 (as ENTV), April 24, 1991 (as EPTV)
Headquarters21 Martyrs Boulevard, PB 148 El Mouradia, Algiers, Algeria
Areas ServedNorth Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America
ServicesTV network, stations and channels, TV programmes, website
OwnerGovernment of Algeria
SubsidiariesTV1, TV2, TV3, TV4, TV5, TV6, TV7, TV8, TV9

Olympic Sports and Events to be Featured

The 2024 Paris Olympics will feature over 300 medal events across 32 different sports. As the official Algerian broadcaster, EPTV is expected to cover the full range of Olympic events.

Algerian viewers can watch popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, boxing and track & field. Niche Olympic sports like fencing, sailing, archery and handball will also get coverage on EPTV.

With tens of thousands of athletes competing from over 200 countries, EPTV will have no shortage of must-see content from Paris 2024. The Olympics always produce inspirational storylines and historic performances that captivate global audiences.

Why Live Olympics are Significant for Algeria

The Olympics represent the world’s biggest sports competition and carry substantial cultural significance. The 2024 Paris Olympics mark only the third time that the Games will take place in France.

As Algeria and France share deep historical ties, interest in the Paris 2024 Olympics should be immense across Algeria. EPTV’s live broadcasts will allow Algerian athletes to receive home support during competitions.

Securing broadcast rights also signals that Algeria boasts the infrastructure to televise global sports events. With fiber optic connectivity expanding, more Algerians can experience top-tier sports production values on EPTV.

The Paris 2024 Olympics will capture the hearts and minds of many Algerians. For two weeks, EPTV will provided unrivaled sports entertainment as the world tunes in to the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad.

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