Official Mascots of the Paris Summer Olympics 2024 Games

The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympic games have introduced their mascots, “The Phryges,” drawing inspiration from the Phrygian caps, a significant emblem in French history. These mascots are designed to represent the essence of French culture and the ideals of liberty.

Official Mascots of the Paris Summer Olympics 2024 Games

The Phryges

The Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom in France, has been associated with Lady Liberty and Marianne. Originating from ancient Phrygia (now Turkey), these soft red hats were once a mark of freed slaves. Their significance was further heightened during the French Revolution as a symbol of the quest for liberty

The Phryges: Celebrating French Revolutionary History

The Paris Olympic committee’s decision to choose The Phryges as mascots was aimed at commemorating this rich historical background. Tony Estanguet, the committee President, emphasized their desire to select an iconic symbol over an animal representation, underscoring the profound connection of the Phrygian cap with French Republic values.

The Phryges: Names and Visual Identity

Innovative Mascot Design: Bringing the Phrygian Cap to Life: The Phryges were publicly introduced on November 14, 2022, by Tony Estanguet. Breaking from traditional Olympic mascot designs, The Phryges are anthropomorphized Phrygian caps, complete with arms, legs, and expressive faces.

Distinctive Characters of The Phryges

Unique Personalities of the Olympic and Paralympic Phryges: Each Phrygian cap mascot possesses a unique character. The Olympic Phryge is portrayed as intelligent and charming, while the Paralympic Phryge, with her spontaneity and playful nature, represents a fun-loving spirit. The latter’s design includes a prosthetic leg, a groundbreaking step in mascot representation.

Inclusivity and Diversity: The Paralympic Phryge’s Design

A Mascot with a Message: Promoting Inclusion and Disability Representation: The Paralympic Phryge’s depiction with a prosthetic leg marks a significant move in mascot history, representing disability openly and promoting inclusiveness, a core message of the Paralympics as highlighted by Estanguet.

The Phryges and French Culture at the 2024 Paris Games

Showcasing French Heritage through Mascots: The Phryges, rooted in French history and values, are set to infuse the 2024 Paris Games with a sense of national pride and cultural identity. Their engaging personas and symbolism of liberty position them as ideal figures to represent France’s spirit to the global audience.

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